New Install Xibo CMS

Hi All,

Complete newbie to Xibo.

I have installed Xampp v3.2.2 locally and unzipped the latest xibo-cms-1.8.1 and put under the xampp\htdocs\xibo

When going to localhost/xibo it takes me to a index of folders, if I just go to the localhost it takes me to the xampp webpage.

How do I get the setup page to appear as shown in


Please have a look here (notes for your server environment as well)

Make sure that your server environment meets the requirements and that you’ve made appropriate changes, especially to the document root.

Then please carefully follow installation instructions here

If you’re able to install docker environment and then Xibo on it, then that would be recommended, if not please proceed with custom/manual installation notes provided earlier in this post.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your response I followed the
Showing how to use Apache as the web server, is this not a recommended process?


The video is two years old, isn’t an “official” video, and refers to the earlier 1.7 series of Xibo.

From 1.8 series onwards, the supported method for installation is via Docker. It is still possible to do a manual installation, but we can’t necessarily offer free support for that as the process is too complex.

I will try the Docker process.

Thank you,

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