New in Xibo, need help Displays

Good morning to all Xibo friends!

I have Xibo already installed on 1 server, and I have a client running on a display called: " sala ".

I just want to bring the view of this display called “room” to another desktop pc called: “reception 1”. Could someone help me by explaining how I make the content that passes in the " room " also pass in the " reception 1 " please?

Thank you very much!

Hi rodolfonr, welcome to the community!

My apologies but I was a little unsure about the details of your issue. Am I correct that you have set up a Xibo CMS and connected a client/player named Sala? You also have other displays named Room and Reception 1 and you would like both of those displays to show the same content, is that correct?

If this is correct, you can go to the Schedule menu in your CMS and click the Add Event button to create the same scheduled event as you have for your display named Room. If I have misunderstood, my apologies please can you provide an example to help me understand what you would like to achieve.

Many Thanks.