New feature - Sending email with statistics

New feature - Sending email with statistics.

How about being able to send email with video statistics to customers?

Suppose a customer makes an announcement. And he wants to receive a report containing how many times his commercial was displayed, he would need to access the platform, get this data and then send it to the client.

XIBO could provide this feature natively.
Basically each media will have a configuration where you can define:

  • For which emails the data will be sent.
  • What is the shipping interval, 1 time per month, per week, every 3 months, etc.
  • Which displays or layouts will be included or excluded from the statistics.
  • Allow to set email text by ourselves.

I believe this feature is very important to maintain a constant and automatic contact with the clients, providing data that encourages to continue advertising.


What about?

Does anyone else think it’s a useful resource?

Apparently no one else finds this suggestion interesting :frowning:

I’m not sure how often other Xibo community users check features section, although Colin did like your post, which implies he might be interested in this feature as well.

I appreciate that our current stats export might not fully meet your requirements (and would need some additional work to send it to customers), we will certainly keep in mind this topic and request in the future development, but that does not guarantee that such option will be implemented.

It’s great.
This feature will help both advertisers and service providers.

Because we can measure the effectiveness of advertising.

This function has been requested by the customer in an ongoing project.
The customer requested an email or a written statistical report.

Proof of Play reports are being worked on for 2.2 with the ability to email pdf’s of saved reports:

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