New Display Profile Settings are never used even if set as Default - 1.8.0-alpha2

I created a new "Android’ Display Settings Profile and made it my default Profile. My original profile was not deleted but it was showing a ‘x’ under the Default column meaning the Default profile had switched correctly. The actual Display settings was still showing the old one. Any changes made to the old profil was taking effect and the new one seems to be never used. If I delete the original one, the new one is taking effect. Looks like a bug to me.

Please let me know if there is a different way to report such potential bugs other than through this forum.


It’s the right place and category to report potential bugs in 1.8alpha.

So when you add new profile and set it as default, old profile shouldn’t be deleted, so that’s correct.
Any new device should pick up new default profile, as for existing device, did you have your old profile selected in ‘advanced’ tab?
If you had, then that’s correct behaviour.
If you hadn’t (ie you had nothing selected there = default) then it should change the setting according to the default profile.

Let me know please, I’ll also have a look at it later today and if it’s indeed a bug I’ll create an issue for it.

Thanks Peter for the clarification.

  • New Displays are not picking up the new default profile automatically. I had to Edit the display and explicitly set the profile.
  • For existing device, I did not have the profile selected. So as it is blank, it should have switched the profile automatically.
    I tried this only with Windows client. So seems to be a definite bug.

Yes, you are right, something is not as it supposed to be.

We will investigate and fix it in the next release (alpha3)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.