New CMS instances from one CMS


I wonder if Xibo supports creating new CMS instances from one CMS (like Spring Signage does) and if there’s a doc with instructions for this feature.

Finally, I once tested Spring Signage (Xibo on the cloud) and want to know if it offers this new version on production environment.

Thank you.

I can answer only your second question.

We do offer 1.8.0-rc1 CMS Instances (can be demo, can be paid Instance), that being said, it’s not fully released version, that’s why we do not recommend it for production environment just yet.

Although if you would like to have a look at it and test new features, then that would be a great way to go - since it comes with everything already pre-configured for you (including XMR).

Ok Peter.
So, according to your roadmap when do you expect it will be the final release?
Thank you.

Most likely January 2017 - with no exact date set yet.