New 1.8.0 Docker install on ubuntu 16.10

i seemed to have gotten docker installed following this and this

i then downloaded the xibo_docker file and got that all extracted

now im stuck with this. Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen. SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘cms’@‘’ (using password: NO) i never set up a database and it said to leave it blank for a new install. no idea where this is coming from. but im not sure what to do now.

Sounds like Docker is installed and working properly.

What you’ve missed is making a config.env file and setting a database password in it before you ran docker-compose up -d.

What you need to do now then is the following inside the directory where your docker-compose.yml file is:
docker-compose down
sudo rm -r shared

Then go back to and follow the instructions in the “Bootstrap Xibo” section.

Once you have a config.env file, and have put a random MySQL password in there, you can then run docker-compose up -d and the CMS will run for you.

i swear i did this once already. but now it works. Thank you.

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