Need help in updating an existing "Application" using the REST API (CMS 2.3.9)

Is there a REST API that I can use to update an “Application”. I do not see any “Application” API’s documented in the Swagger doc here.

For Adding an Application, I figured I could call

curl --request POST
–url https://<cms_domain>/api/application
–header 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN
–header ‘Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’
–data name=my_app_name

This will create an Application with the owner set to the user associated with TOKEN. I am not able to set any other values on creation (client_credentials, scope_all etc).

I need help in updating an existing Application using the REST API. I want to update the client_credentials and scope_all values at the minimum.

CMS Version 2.3.9 (Docker image)

Allowing applications to administer other applications isn’t a good practice for security reasons. Therefore you can’t update an application via the API - you must log into the web portal to do that.