Need a simple PHP Button to trigger webhook

CMS Version : 3.3.7
Installation : Docker Installation
OS: Linux

Scenario: I want to send a trigger command “Refresh” to all displays to force display to refresh. The PHP page is required as I don’t want to give access to the cashier to login to the CMS >> Display >> trigger a Webhook. hence need a small PHP button which i can place in “userscripts” folder to trigger the webhook.

I have created 2 Layouts with same content and given Action >> Webhook >> “Refresh”. Once any of the layout receives the webhook Trigger “Refresh” it will navigate to Next Layout. This is working when I manually trigger a webhook from Display Page.

Can somebody help with a simple php button script to achieve this?

API’s wont work here as i am getting client login failed issue. So looking for NoN-API solution. Any help would be apppriciated.


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