My player doesn't play anymore

hi everybody

first for long hours my player could’not connect to the server when i unchecked the public firewall it could
but now i can’t scheddule even a simple layout and i can’t see what i do wrong
i must get method i know and i would appreciate to get track because i’m lost

i modified the default layout : i deleted the region whith clock in design mode and few seconds after the player appears with the new default layout (without clock)

i reinstall the player but nothing new

i can see in xibo player wachdog : no active process

i notice something more
we can display different columns to show different aspect of the status of a display
in the colum actual layout : i can’t see the value “default layout” while there is no other content on the display

Here is my display DESKTOP-BE8TBT0 log

i connect to cms another player and it’s the same thing i scheddule a layout and it shows the default layout

what can i try to solve my issue ?


What CMS and player versions are you using please?

If you have scheduled layout id 24 then it seems to have an empty region, as such it will be marked as invalid and player will not show it.

Alternatively player may have problems downloading files from CMS.

It would be best if you could show us a screenshot of status window on your Xibo player.
(press i on your keyboard to show the status window while player has focus)

i use xibo-docker-1.8.10 and xibo-client-1.8.10-win32-86
no i didn’t scheduled layout id 24 :neutral_face:

i thought sending a screenshot of status window of my player but i’m not a professionnal i loose patience so quickly

i could see this message in the status window on my xibo player

agent threads/xmr is dead not updating status.json

thanks for your attention

You can login into the CMS web page from the player? is there an error showint when you press the “i” button in the player?