My big server with multiple CMS

Hello to you
I hope you are fine, in fact I am trying to see if it is possible to have my XIBO server locally, hosted and to have several CMS the goal being for me to redistribute Xibo, is it possible to do it on a big server where you have to install several servers? if it is possible to install a large server and to have several cms and decided which one will be in white mark or not?strong text

Yes, you can install multiple sets of Xibo Docker containers on a single host machine.

You need to use a reverse proxy to sit in front of those and its that which handles both SSL termination and also deciding which CMS install to route a given request to.

Each CMS instance behind the reverse proxy is independent so you can have whatever branding you want on each.

You’ll need to map each XMR service use a different port number, or if you wanted to and know what you’re doing, it would be possible to run a single XMR instance and share that amongst many CMS installs.