Multiple Tags for a media file not working (bug?)

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Android. 5.1.1 Lollipop

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Rel 3 R304


I’m trying to enter multiple tags for a media file or group of media files using the bulk tagging feature. Neither are working as expected.

I have a group of tags and sub-tags - Info|A, Info|B, Info|C, Info|D. Each of my media files may be in multiple groups. e.g. Media file one may be in groups A and D, media file 2 may be in groups B and D and media file 3 may be in A and C.

When I add these different groups/sub-groups in the Tags field separated by commas, it appears correctly. I hit Save and I’m returned to the list screen. I select Edit for the media item and only the last Tag in the prior list of Tags shows for the media item. This appears to be a bug. Please advise

Opening as a Ticket since this looks like a bug/error.

Thank you for posting, I have taken this to our dev team for further investigation and it appears that you cannot have multiple instances of the same Tag assigned to one item. So Info|A / Info|B would be treated as the same. You could however have Info|A / Info1|B Please see the following issue:

The help text on the form and in our documentation will be amended to avoid further confusion.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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