Multiple screenshots

We know that we can ask for screenshots for each player , but is there any way to ask for screenshots for all the players at once ?

i think that’s gonna be helpfull for people who have multiple players , don’t you think ?

You could use the “Select all” button on page bottom, and then execute the action on near button. I see it in spanish, not sure about the source language.

yeah i already try it , and it’s a good one , but i want actually to create a script that takes scrennshots of my players every 2 or 3 hours , that’s what i’m trying to do

In the display settings profile you can set a screenshot interval to be 2 hours say, and a screenshot will be returned automatically every 2 hours.

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I do not remember default setting, but you might need to enable this from preferences -> screens.

Thank’s a lot alex that was really helpfull