Multiple screen resolutions, multiple content sets - could you sanity-check this

Noob question. I work at a very large school with about 15 screens in different departments. These are used to show a wide variety of information from lunchtime menus, to news, to calendars, to photographs and videos of school events.

Here’s the tricky bit.

  1. Each screen will show a unique mix of these slides (for example the primary school will show photos of primary events, the staff room will show slides with information for teachers. some slides will be common, some will be unique to a screen.

  2. We have two screen types, with wildly different resolutions - conventional 16:9 and weird ‘letterbox’ LG screens 17:6 ration (no really).

Here’s what I intend to do - I would be grateful if someone could point out any gotchas, before I do all the work and realise its the wrong approach. :slight_smile:

  1. Create the custom resolutions
  2. Create a layout for each content type (calendar, news, video etc) in 16:9
  3. Create a 17:6 version.
  4. Create a Campaign for each screen
  5. Add the appropriate Layouts to each Campaign
  6. Schedule the appropriate Campaign to each screen.

Sound about right? Any fundamental misunderstandings of the system with this approach?

Yes, I believe that should work fine.

Just some notes.

Which means you can create a layout with common items on it and save it as a template, then use it to create specific layouts for specific screens - could save you some time, so you won’t need to create new layouts from scratch.

Regarding resolutions, you might consider creating new display profile and setting the resolution on location tab.
ie profile for 16:9 and for 17:6.

By default the location tab is set to 0 and 0, which means player should detect the screen resolution, but especially in those 17:6 screens it might be safer to have it set it in the display profile.

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Very helpful Peter, thank you. I was pondering template use. No doubt I will have a few more dumb questions, but I’ll try to keep them to the minimum. I’m just going through the videos at the moment, which are pretty good.