Multiple regions with the same durations go out of sync

CMS Version

3.0.0, docker, Ubuntu

Player Type

Windows player, version 3 R300.5


I have a layout that has multiple regions. One of them plays media (videos and images), another displays text, with information about the media. Each item in the region playing the media has a duration applied, and the text item in the other region has the same duration. This is repeated for each item in both regions, so theoretically, the text should change when the media changes, but as the layout plays, they go out of sync.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening?


As each region is independent they will fall out of time with each other as things like the amount of time it takes to load a video will delay the video play slightly.

To keep video/text in sync you could put each video/text pair into its own layout and then group those layouts into a campaign.

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Ah, that explains it. I had already had the idea about multiple layouts in a campaign, but was hesitant as it would entail a lot of work… Guess I will get started!


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