Multiple raspberry pi's on xibo problems

I hope someone can help me with this
I have 2 raspberry pi2’s and they connect the server independently but they display the same content and when both of the devices are on there is only 1 device seen - is there a way to get them to be seen as 2 different devices

You will probably need to adjust Hardware key on your device, both of them have probably the same key and can’t be recognised by the CMS as a separate devices.

Thanks for the info can you tell me how to change the hardware key.

You will want to edit this file - site.cfg
xmdsClientID variable must be unique.

defaults.cfg will detail the options in more detail (if it wasn’t changed/removed)

sorry for the long delay in answering
The solution was perfect
This is a fantastic program and the help is second to noen
Thanks everone

Great, nice to hear that it fixed your problem :smile:
Also thank you for your kind words about Xibo (and our support :wink: )

Since it’s resolved, I’ll close this topic now.