Multiple Playlists One region not working

I have tried this numerous ways and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I have tried with multi region and single region to no avail. I have several playlists I have created, nothing huge, a few pictures in one, a dataset with a daily menu rotating in another etc.

I want these all to play in one region, the main area, one after another. I first tried adding 2 sub-playlist to the region and selecting one playlist I had made for each one. The first one plays fine, the second Is blank. So I changed gears and decided to add both playlist to one Sub-Playlist - exact same result. I am running XIBO Version 2.0.0-beta with a local install. but I tried this first int eh demo in the cloud an received the same result.

So I am assuming I am doing something incorrectly.

Any help out there?