Multiple Monitors - Resolved

I know this question has been asked and I have read the responses and I’m still unable to get this working. I have four monitors attached to one computer. I have copied the Xibo folder and renamed each folder. I have created the appropriate shortcuts, I have modified the config files and created my display profiles. However, if I start my second monitor, it still acts as though I selected the first instance, and the additional monitor does not show up in my list of displays.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Would love to get this working. Xibo works great on my single monitor computers. Awesome work Xibo!!

I’m glad you have been able to resolve the issue.

If you want to post what the solution was, it could be helpful for other users who are trying to achieve the same setup you have. There is of course no pressure to do so.

Many Thanks.

I tried. It wouldn’t let me respond to my own post. I’ll try again though, thanks!

I realized that the unique key for the client matched my other client so I manually changed a character in the unique key for each of my displays. It would be nice if the software had a button that would generate a new unique key so you don’t manually create a new key which may match an already existing one.