Multiple location sync


I have 2 clinics in different towns (one tv in each reception area) and I would like to know if I can manage the content of the 2 display from one location (where my xibo cms is installed). Or do I have to export the content each time I make a change. The content might be a bit different on each display.


Hello, why do you put your xibo online and connect xibo player to that server ?

Because I don’t know how to do this. Is there an easy tutorial that I could follow to do this. :wink:

I looked everywhere on YouTube but I did not find any.


You wrote that you have “my xibo cms is installed” - did you install xibo on your local machine ?

Two screens can be setup on different locations and managed from one if your xibo can be accesed via xibo player client…

If you need help with setuping xibo server, you can send me PM…

Yes it is installed locally on one of my computer

Ok, but it would not work, you need server…If you need help with setup of xibo server, PM me…

That’s exactly what our Cloud solution offers. You would create your layouts in our Cloud CMS and connect both Players to it. Then you only need to manage content once.

Hello Alex,

I will install all my display and contact you when I will be ready. I think it would be a good solution for me. I am just afraid that 500 meg/ month will not be enough it I use small video clip instead of only JPEG.

Or I will bring the device to my first clinic, sync it and bring it back to my second clinic.

Talk soon