Multiple Gifs issue

Hi there. I have a layout of 3840 x 720 which is a 3 panel digital menu board. I use a Windows based Giada VM23 using HDMI, DisplayPort (HDMI Adapter) and USB3.0 (HDMI adapter) allowing me to display into consumer screens for budget purposes. Display works great.

I now have an issue as I want to display 3 Gifs of 1280 x 720 (one for each panel). I have created 3 regions of 1280 x 720 to do this. This works perfectly with still images (JPEG/PNG) or MP4’s but when using a GIF with same res in each region, it only displays one GIF. I can display 1 GIF and 2 images at the same time perfectly.

Is there a limit to number of GIFs displayed at the same time in the same layout?

I could use MP4’s but I don’t want the displays to blink when looping. GIF’s don’t loop and it looks seamless.

Any ideas? Much appreciated