Multiple FastCGI Processes

Whenever a user edits a layout, the server will create 2 new instances of CGI / FastCGI (32 bit) in task manager, but those instances will never end until I restart the application pool.

Custom environment. Server: 1.8.10

Likely a widget on the layout is causing an error that causes the server to work hard for an extended period.

Try with a simple layout with just an image on it. If that doesn’t cause a problem, add back the widgets on your layout until you find the one that triggers it and troubleshoot from there.

I’d also upgrade to 1.8.11 as there are several issues resolved.

Took your advice: I’ve found that an image does not cause a new CGI / FastCGI process. A text widget does cause this. It only happens from the designer editor preview window. Therefore if the image is the first thing in the presentation, then no additional CGI process is created. If a text widget is the first thing in the presentation, then an additional CGI process is created.

It does not happen twice on the same layout. So each instance is its own unique text widget that is open from different layouts. I have checked this a few times by restarting the app pool (and Xibo is the only thing in that pool).

I will upgrade to 1.8.11 on the server to see if that fixes anything.