Multiple Display and resolution

Hi all,

I just seem not to get this setup right.
I have my windows 10 pc with Nvidia card. Want to run my main screen 1080 and my second screen with Xibo on 720p. Setup in windows does the job well, but when I start up Xibo it stays in 1080. I think I have all resolutions in Xibo right and setup de display settings correct.

When I change my main screen resolution to 720, all seems to work out well.

I changed the offset to 1080. But I have to start up Xibo with an icon on the second screen otherwise Xibo will start on the main screen.

Hope you can follow my story here :wink:

Anybody knows what I’m doing wrong?


It sounds like you’ve created a Display Settings profile, but perhaps haven’t assigned it to your Display.

So set in your profile:

Then move to the Displays page, and edit your display, and on the Advanced Tab, check you’ve selected your profile that has the above settings in it.

Save, then restart the Player application. Wait a minute or so for it to do its initial collection from the CMS, and then restart the Player application again. Now it should start up in the size and position specified going forward.

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Thanks for your reply.
It did the trick !!