Multi-Server Xibo Installation


I am wondering if one can run multiple Xibo servers pointing to the same DB. The objective is to have a more than one Xibo app server, behind a simple loadbalancer such as nginx, serve content to the clients. If a Xibo app instance goes down/gets terminated, a new instance gets rebuilt automatically and gets added to the loadbalancer.

There wasn’t any issue getting a new sever installed pointing to a DB hosted on a separate box. When it came to installing the 2nd instance of Xibo, it wasn’t enough to simply copy/create the settings.php and remove the install.php.

I did have to copy over the enitre /var/www/html. Note that I would be OK to have a the library be on an shared file system so that uploaded content, etc be visible to all instances.

Are there any tricks in for such an installation?

I am running Xibo 1.7.8 on Centos7.

As long as all the servers have access to the same database and same library filesystem then in theory it will work.

You will need to change the grant on the database I expect to allow your second and third servers to access the database as well as the first one.

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for you reply. I have got the grants on radar. I did trace the changes closer and I was able to make it work.


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