Multi-Screen option


With the multiplication of multi-screen set up, I want to see if there is a way to support basic case directly in the CMS and in the player.

User Story

We use Xibo for public screen and for the screen saver internally.
Ideally, there are 3 basic types:

  1. Expand to use the full space : Xibo client create windows space is expanded to cover all the monitor with the same image (I think it is an “easier fix” using the SystemParameters.VirtualScreen* Property to get the size and top and left position)
  2. Each screen gets it own MainForm and each of them works with the same schedule and information but size based on it own information. (I think it is possible to use the [System.Windows.Forms] class to get the screen information, but then I don’t know how the rest of the code will react to have 2 MainForm running at the same time)
  3. Only the main windows : Current setup

The setup is done on the CMS profile option and send to the client.