Multi Display 1 PC

Hi wonder if somebody can help, I have a single PC running Windows 10 with 5 screens, 4 screens are using eyfinity to make 1 screen and the 5th is a separate display. I have setup two Xibo players and renamed the second to “Xibo PlayerB”. I have also renamed the watchdog in the same folder to “B” as well. I have connected both players to the CMS and they have downloaded content as needed.

The problem I’m having is I can only run one player at a time. I start one player and that’s fine it will display as it should but when I start the second it starts but then closes straight away. I did get a warning about killing processes but I’m not getting that now either.

I did amend the watchdog config as suggested with the process path and the library path.

Could somebody help point me in the right direction please.

Im on the latest version and latest players from the website.

Just to add to this Ive checked task manager and under details ist shows that XiboclientB is running and using CPU but when I start XiboClient it opens and the closes and is shown as a background task, with no CPU usage.

In the display profile for one of the two screens (presuming you already have two display profiles created and assigned, if not, you’ll need to create one and assign it to either the spanned screen, or the individual one in the CMS), please ensure that you have configured different local webserver ports. You can simply add 1 to the default value.

You need to then start the Player up a couple of times potentially for that to take effect.

Thanks for getting back to me, That seems to have done the trick. dont know why I missed that step out to be honest. thanks for your help.

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