Mp4 Video occasionally gets black

I have an android device (107 R) and several layouts with different designs… ocassionally, a random video turns black and all the layouts stop playing.

I enabled debug mode, but it does not write any record.

My question is: Is there any way that when the video is not played, the application launches again, or send an email
warning the problem?

Here is an screenshot when video it is ok:

Here when it gets black and layouts stop playing:

Thanks in advance!

check the HDMI cable,…check the connection…and also make sure the device you are using is up to date with plugins and media player is up to date too…video drivers…version of android or it could be the tv itself

Thanks for your quick answer… The same thing happens with at least 10 other devices (different devices, different hdmi cables, and different tv)… that’s why I do not understand what could be happening…

Blacklist Videos?

Should Videos we fail to play be blacklisted and no longer attempted?

Store HTML resources on the Internal Storage?

Store all HTML resources on the Internal Storage? Should be selected if the device cannot display text, ticker, dataset media.

Use a SurfaceView for Video Rendering?

If the device is having trouble playing video, it may be useful to switch to a Surface View for Video Rendering.

have you looked at the display settings of the CMS for android?..the above are the options that controls play back actions.

also, when did you start seeing this playback issues? was it after firmware update?

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