MP4 Stutters awfully

Hi Everybody,
I have the following problem
If i play a mp4 video in html with javascript it runs smoothly
Then if i add the mp4 as medi item in XIBO and add it to a playlist it also runs smoothly.
If i put the same code in XIBO (embedded HTML) the video stutters awfully.

Can anyone explain the difference to me?

It is with Xibo 1.7.9
On windows 10

Is it on windows or android client?
What version please?

Hi Peter
It is with Xibo 1.7.9
On windows 10

It might be related to scaling. Make sure transparency and scaling are turned off in your Embedded media widget.

Hi Alex

Thx for your reply.
Scaling AND transparency are turned off.

Hi ALex
Could i send you my script so you can have a look at?
I am getting a little desperate…

There’s not going to be anything for me to look at I’d expect.

You can send it over and I can have a quick look, but no promises.

thank you in advance