Moving a region in a layout will not trigger client update

Dear Sir,

i am using spring signage xibo cms 1.7.8 and i ran into a problem, if i move a region in a layout with drag and drop and the click the button save changes this will not trigger an update on the client insted i have to open the region options dialogue and click save to make the client see the updates and download it

is this normal ?


It should trigger an update as well (ie Move region -> click save position)

Change on the player might be delayed depending on your collection interval and layout duration.
Alternatively you can enable the ‘Expire Modified Layouts?’ option in display profile, then change should be reflected on the player as soon as player receives it (collection interval).

Dear Peter,

i am aware of everything you mentioned and i have ‘Expire Modified Layouts’ enabled the thing is if i move the region and click save postilion the player status in the CMS will never change to “Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server” and the player will never tell that there is changes made to the layout and has to download it. on the other other hand if i open the options dialogue of the region and click save button the changes are instant (within 1 min my collection interval)


My apologies for my first reply, I was just really sure it does work.

We did some testing on our end and we are inclined to agree with you, it seems like a :bug:

It’s logged here:

Thanks you for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks Peter :slight_smile: it is good that we figure it out so you can fix it