Move CMS Media Library to S3

I have recently got Xibo 1.8.2 up and running on AWS with Docker on top of it. I was wondering if it’s possible to upload the media library files to an S3 bucket instead of being uploaded on the instance’s storage?
Thanks in advance.

So after some more research I found this link
I suppose this could work as intended, I will be trying it tomorrow and post the results here.

FUSE will probably work, but it’ll be relatively slow.

The CMS also expects that directory to be available, so there’s no handling in the code for if it tries to access a library file and S3 is down or the connection to it is, so again you’ll likely get errors in that scenario.

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
I think as the library size grows, it won’t be feasible to store it on the instance’s hard disk. Are you planning to incorporate uploading to a storage service like S3 in future releases?

That’s not on the road map currently. It’s very Amazon specific. Other cloud providers have scalable block storage which is suitable for the CMS.

Okay then fair enough, once again thanks a lot for your support and kudos for your awesome product!

You’re welcome. I’m pretty sure an EBS volume would allow you to scale up the library storage without S3

Yes of course it would, but I suppose S3 storage is way cheaper, yet again EBS storage is much more reliable and consistent unlike S3.
Thanks a lot for your time.