More information about required file

Where can I find document of these files? I’ve tried and tried to read, but I can’t get them :frowning:

Well, they aren’t documented anywhere as they are core parts of the code (aside from the comments in the code itself of course). Trying to understand them is certainly a valiant thing to do - but why?

They are just referenced in the HTML media’s HTML file - used to render the Media in a Web View.

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I just want to read up on what you have done. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but I will be cautious before I act. So I’ll try to understand these file. Thank you for your kind assistance.

OK - they are about the actual presentation of the data - dataset-render and text-render take the items provided by the CMS (formatted HTML items array) and substitute them according to the settings (effects, number of items, etc).

webpage-render handles the rendering of webpage media, with appropriate scaling.

layout-scaler scales the whole lot according to the region size vs its intended size.

These files are subject to change with each release as we make improvements to the application, add options, etc.

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