More confusion about user and display groups

I hava a question about the user and display group’s and rights.

I have created a usergroup an two users assigned to the group.
One of the users is “Group Admin”

The group admin has created a Layout.
Since he is member of the group I would expect that the other users are able to see and change this Layout as well.
But they are not able to see the layout now.

I also created a Diplsy group and assigned two display to the group.
After that I assigned rights to the Display group for A specific User Group. View, Change, Delete.
I would expect that these users would be able to see the displays on the “Display Page” now.
But again they don’t
Only if I go to the individual display’s and assign rights within the display to individual users or User Groups they can see the displays in the Display page.

I seem to be missing the logic.

I have been searching a bit for a example configuration for users, user groups, displays and display groups.?

Kind regards

What CMS version are running please?

This was a bug, fixed in 1.7.5 I believe, hence my question about CMS version.

The part regarding display group.
So you assigned permissions to the display group, but not to the displays themselves ie group members will be able to view/edit/delete that display group, but they won’t have access to the display edit form (on displays page). For that as you mentioned additional permissions are needed.

It’s not always true that you want users to have full access to displays when you give them access to display group. That’s why it’s separate, so Xibo users can configure permissions just the way they want.

It will be similar with campaigns and layouts, ie you still will need to assign permissions to individual layouts.

Hi Peter,

I run 1.7.6.

About the Display’s
That is correct, I assigned rights within the display group to users.
But what exactly do I achieve by assigning rights to users in the Displaygroup then.

Access to the display group, ie assign/unassign displays from it, rename, delete, that’s pretty much it.
Also if that user would also have access to schedule then they will be able to schedule layout/campaign to whole display group.

For various reasons (mostly bug fixes) it would be good to upgrade the CMS to 1.7.8


Will upgrade next week en let you know if the Layout issue is solved.

Hi Peter,

We upgraded to version 1.7.8
The layout issue is still not as expected.

So I have two users, both member of the same group.
One of the users is Group admin. The other is User
if the Group Admin creates a Layout the normal user does not see this Layout in the Layout page.
Only if we give the normal user individual rights to the layout it is displayed in the Layout screen.

Any news about the above?

I have been experimenting a bit today with users and Group Admin’s.
Again I got a “User” and a “GroupAdmin” and they are both member of the same user Group.

The “User” can not see Media and Layouts that is owned by the “GroupAdmin”.
As soon as I make the “User” “GroupAdmin” they can both see the Media and Layouts.

in 1.7 series, you’d need to give permissions to individual media files / layout to whole group - then user in that group will be able to see/edit it.

in 1.8 series there is a global default setting for that which will allow users in a group see all files/layouts owned by other members of the same group (be it other user or group admin).


I’ll wait for 1.8 then

Just one more question.

I created a layout as GroupAdmin.
I am member of user Group A
Another ‘User’ is member of Group A also.

I assigned permissions for the Layout to Group A

the user can open the layout but does not see anything within the Layout.
I need to give permissions to Group A for the Region and after that for the Items in the Timeline within the Region.
Only the the user can change the Layout and the content.

Is that ‘Works as designed’?

Kind regards

When you were assigning view/edit permissions for that layout did you check the ‘Update these permissions on all layouts, regions and media.’ checkbox?

Uhhh No…:slight_smile:

That was out of screen. Was not aware that this option was available.

Kind regards