Monitor won't display *.pdfs

I have four (4) monitors/displays set up (all the same mfg). Everything was working perfectly on all displays for weeks. Just yesterday one of the displays won’t display *.pdf just *.jpg. The layout looks fine in Xibo on my PC Screen. Instead of displaying the *.pdf the monitor/display just shows an empty white page/screen when it tries to load. All Android.

I assume you’re using 1.8 series and the PDF module, could you confirm what exactly version of the CMS and players are you using?

If you open status window when players tries to show the .pdf do you see any errors there?

I’m happy to test your .pdf if you can send it to me (if so, please send it to me via private message).

Thanks Peter. Yes, using 1.8 series and PDF module. Can I send you a snapshot of the status screen? I took a picture with my phone. I don’t see any errors.

Here are the snapshots from the status screen. Thanks RobIMG_0667!


Forgot to mention that the display won’t display any of the RSS Feeds (Weather & Traffic) that it used to display. It only displays *.jpgs as of now. Thanks

Is this docker instillation or manual/custom one?

Could be good to upgrade CMS to 1.8.4 and players to 1.8R103, just to make sure the issue persist in newest releases.

As for player issues, you might need to:
Display Settings page -> Edit display profile (or create a new one) with auditing log level
Displays page -> Edit display -> advanced tab -> Assign the display profile with auditing log level and enable auditing on the display itself.

Make sure display is connected to the CMS, you can restart it to force it to check the settings and display profile.

Schedule the problematic content to the player, check Logs page for relevant errors.

It is a manual/custom install.

I upgraded to CMS 1.84 and 1.8R103. It made no difference.

I also did what you recommended for the player & made sure the display
was connected to the CMS. I’ll have to check the logs page for relevant

It just doesn’t make any sense. I have 4 displays in the business and
they were all working wonderfully…each sharing similar content. Then,
all of a sudden, out of the blue, the one display just started showing a
white or black screen where RSS Feeds (Weather and Traffic) were being
displayed and where *.pdf files were being displayed. That particular
display shows *.jpg just fine but nothing else. All the other three
monitors display RSS Feeds, *.pdfs, *.jpgs, etc. and so did the 4th
display (share similar content) as of a few days ago.

Very frustrating since it makes no sense to me. Thank you so much for
helping…I truly appreciate your time. Cheers Rob

I’d expect to see some indications of what could be wrong in the logs from this player when it tries to show the content with which it has problems.

If you look at the Manage page for this display, does it show that it is up to date and all the required content as downloaded?

Since your other players connected to the same CMS (correct?) are displaying such content without issues, it would seem that the CMS side everything is fine and the content itself should be valid as well.

I’m happy to run your layout(s) locally if you’d like me to have a look at them, please send them to me via private message (you’d need to upload to dropbox/Google drive or similar service of your choice and share the download link with me)

Hi Peter. I looked at the Manage page for the display and it said the
file was downloaded.

Yes, all other players are connected to the same CMS without issues…so
I agree, seems like the CMS side is fine.

What I’ve done today is swapped out the media player on the display
monitor- since I had a spare. I’m waiting for the display/monitor to
come online. I have a cloud in the status column for the display right
now. I’m sure that (cloud icon) will go away in a few hours or so.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll send you a copy of the layouts. Thanks
again. Rob

Peter…good news…I swapped out the media player and that seemed to do
the trick. It was a DS Devices media player. Is there any way to do a
reset on the DS Devices media player that won’t corrupt the internal
software? I thought I’d do that and retry it before I sent it back
across the pond to have EV4 Ltd to have them take a look at it. Thanks
for all your help…truly appreciate it. Rob

Interesting, but certainly that was a good check, you should be able to do factory reset on the device, it should then reset all settings (and remove your Xibo player).

Could you tell me which DSDevices model is it exactly?

The model number of the DSDevices mini-player is Model: DSCJ18 (made in
China). Thanks again for all your help.