Monitor turn on after layout cycle completed

We have xibo player running along with other application.
we are controlling display turn on/off using our application base on some logic.

when xibo is not running display/screen get turn off & on properly, but when xibo is running display get on after each layout schedule is completed. so if layout is configured for 35 secs display get turn on after every 35 secs.

is there any setting/configuration which can control this behavior?

Hi there,

Xibo doesn’t come out of the box with code to turn the monitor on/off. It can do so via RS232 and/or HDMI-CEC, but this requires additional configuration so should not be happening unless you expect it to.

Are you sure your other application isn’t doing it?

Hi dan,

I dont expect xibo to turn on/off monitor.
Other application is controlling monitor turn on/off,
when application turn off monitor

if xibo player is running monitor get turn on in few secs (mostly layout cycle completed)
but if xibo is not running monitor will consistently turned off.

i am using code similar to below like to turn monitor off if any mouse movement or key board event it will turn on monitor. so i dont what which event fired by xibo is turning on display.

Hmm, interesting. Those commands you’re using manipulate the power saving state, so I wonder if Xibo’s own code to do that is conflicting.

You could try going into the Windows Display Settings Profile, Edit, Advanced Tab, and then at the bottom unticking this box:


You’d need to make sure the Player had time to connect to the CMS and download the new settings, and then try your test again.


I have already unchecked Prevent Sleep.

one more thing is when doing on Windows 10 its working fine.
But when working with Win XPE which is OS on my low tech display its not working & xibo turning on Monitor.

I am trying to check in xibo player code but not able to trace any event that can cause that so any hint will also be helpful.

There aren’t any really, aside from prevent sleep.

I suspect that the first thing being rendered in the Layout causes the display to wake - but that could be really anything.

Same version of the Player?

Which version are you using - the latest is not supported on XPE.

I am using R201 version on win 10 & xpe os. so its same version on 10 & xpe.
Thanks for your time.

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