Moderating content before use

Hi All,

I am hoping to find a way in which content can be moderated/viewed before it is available for use within Xibo.

We have several departments all uploading content (mainly mp4 video files of powerpoint presentations) and I would like to review each library item as it is added to ensure it is suitable and fits the company branding.

Is this possible, or is there a good way to work around this with users/permissions?

I don’t want to have to upload all content myself, but I would like to see it before it is available to be used in a Layout.

Many thanks,

Hi James

You could set it so your users don’t have permission to any displays. That way they can upload content and design layouts, but can’t actually schedule it.

Then you can verify it meets your requirements, and schedule it on a display directly?


Hi Alex,

That sounds perfect - thanks for advising how permissions can be used to achieve what I want.

Many thanks, James