Missing Xibo player and client config on W10 x32 start menu

Just installed the 1.76 Player on a brand new Win10 Pro x32 Intel Compute stick.
However no entries have been made on the start menu for Xibo - either player or client config anywhere. This is not a problem for the player as I was able to go to Program Files\Xibo and simply right click>create short cut to make a shortcut for the player on my desktop. That works and duly shows the Xibo spash screen
Of course the problem is I need to enter the CMS key etc to get the client to connect and I can find no executable in the Xibo folder that launches the client config utility… :frowning:

Any ideas on how to get the client config tool to run when it is not present on the start menu - or even which config file I need to edit and how to proceed with that?


Seems a restart of Windows was required - Xibo now shows as ‘recently installed’ and as a folder under ‘all apps’ which contains both player and shortcut options…

Hi Chris,

I am glad that it appeared there after reboot.

For future reference, if you create a short cut for XiboClient.exe, you can quite easily change it to start the options/config
just add o after path to the file

for example:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Xibo Player\XiboClient.exe" o

Thanks for the cmd line option option tip.

Interestingly I just installed the client to another Compute stick and this time the start menu entries were all made as soon as the installation completed…