Missing translations 1.7.6

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What do you mean by missing please? None of these strings were added in 1.7.6 - i.e. they already existed in 1.7.5. I’ve also spot checked a few and they are in 1.7 series translations

Dan, they never existed, I ended up changing the code, but it always has a lot of work. I found more relevant sending all I find him in order to ensure that the translation file already come with these items.

I’d send print of each place, but I thought it would be a very great post.
If you have questions of any sentence I command specifies the print.

Some Test: https://translations.launchpad.net/xibo/github/+pots/default/pt_BR/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=An+optional+name+for+this+media

Hi Laercio

You’re searching for that string in the 1.8 series translations, but the CMS is version 1.7

You’ll find the string in the 1.7 translations here:

Got it!

So that was the problem, I thought the 1.7 was not used, just Git since the
migration was made.

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1.7 is still used, but 1.8 onwards uses the Github series name (as far as I’m aware)

That is correct - although I can see a case for renaming that to 1.8 once we’ve gone stable and start on 1.9.