Missing Translation Strings in Launchpad

There are many translation strings completely missing in the language files. Some strings are comments in the settings or sometimes the settings themselves. This has been reported on before, but I figured it might be helpful to post a few examples of affected strings:

Settings > Configuration > “The Theme to apply to all pages by default”
Settings > Defaults >

  • “Default the checkbox for updating media on all layouts when editing in the library”
  • “Default the checkbox for making duplicates of media when copying layouts”
  • “Unchecked”
  • “Is the Transition config locked?”
  • “Default the checkbox for Deleting Old Version of media when a new file is being uploaded to the library.”

Settings > Displays >

  • “The Latitude to apply for any Geo aware Previews”
  • “The Longitude to apply for any Geo aware Previews”
  • “Automatically authorise new Displays?”
  • “If checked all new Displays registering with the CMS using the correct CMS key will automatically be set to authorised and display the Default Layout.”
  • “Turn the display name in display management into a link using the IP address last collected. The %s is replaced with the IP address. Leave blank to disable.”
  • “The target attribute for the above link”
  • “If the display name is shown as a link in display management, what target should the link have? Set _top to open the link in the same window or _blank to open in a new window.”

Settings > General >

  • “Should the CMS send anonymous statistics to help improve the software?”
  • “Should the CMS send future schedule information to clients?”
  • “How many seconds in to the future should the calls to RequiredFiles look?”
  • “HTML to embed in an iframe on the Status Dashboard”

Any update on adding these strings to the Launchpad translator?