Missing text in text and ticker region

After a “successful” migration, everything seems to work BUT.

When I open a layout with text or a ticker region which used to include plain text, the text is invisible when I preview the layout…

I can only see the text when the layout is cheduled on a player

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Thank you for your message. Can you confirm what version of CMS you have been using before and after the migration?

If possible, can you pass on an exported copy of the Layout for me to take a look at? If you wish to keep the Layout private, please send me a download link in a private message.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the reply.

We used the 1.8 CMS and we upgraded to 2.0 CMS for docker.
I did an export of the layout for the migrated version and imported the layout in a clean install.

Now when I import the “damaged” layout in a clean install than the preview of the layout works correctly. So there’s nothing wrong with the layout itself. I guess something is not going well with the migration

Thank you for your reply. You replied that you were using 1.8 and 2.0 CMSs but this could be any of quite a number of revisions. Could you provide the full version number of the CMSs you were using?

Are you able to provide me exported copies of the layout you exported from your 1.8 CMS and the exported version from your 2.0 CMS? Without seeing the Layouts it’s hard to say what is causing the issue.

You also confirmed that importing the “damaged” Layout into a new clean install resolves the issue, have you tried re-importing that Layout into your migrated CMS to see if the issue is the same?

Many Thanks.

Thanks again.

The full version is 1.8.12 to 2.0.4

I tried to import the “damaged” layout in the migrated CMS but than the issue is still there.
There is also something remarkable when I create a new layout and try to add a text region in it, even than the text is invisible in the migrated CMS.

Where can I send you the layout from 1.8.12 and 2.0.4 because I can’t send them by uploading it to my reply, because it’s .zip file