Missing shared/db - 1.8 Docker

When attempting to follow the directions to get the Docker Xibo container(?) installed I am getting the following error and have no idea why. Any help would be appreciated.

ERROR: for cms-db stat /volume1/{PATH}/xibo-docker/shared/db: no such file or directory

What specifically is giving that error message?

Is your current working directory in the terminal/shell /volume1/{PATH}/xibo-docker

Yes that is the current working directory. I get the error when trying:

sudo docker-compose up -d

I should mention that I am trying the instructions to upgrade and move to Docker from a previous non-docker install.

What platform is this? Docker and Docker Compose version on which OS?


I think the problem is not with getting the Xibo docker container working, but with the software on the server I am working with. Looks to be some sort of bug causing the issue. Thank you for your time.

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