Missing save button in layout table mode

Missing save button in layout table mode.

CMS: 1.8.2 (Manual installation)

When creating a new layout, add a video. If it is in table mode, the save button is not displayed.
To save, you need to exit the layou and enter again, or switch to timeline mode and click save.

The save button indeed is not there in the grid view, however when you assign a media file and then click ‘Close’ media will already be assigned to the region - same like if you’d click the ‘Save Order’ button on timeline view.

You can close the form with ‘X’ (both timeline/grid) and it will still save your changes.

The ‘Save Order’ on timeline view, is mostly to save…well order when you change it (which you can’t currently do on grid view).

In short, Save/Save Order button does not seem to be needed on grid view and that’s why it’s not there.

That being said we can add a Save button to this form, that would perhaps refresh the layout designer, as that’s what missing on the grid form right now. Would that be of interest to you?

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I would certainly be very happy.
Thank you.