Minimize Xibo Client option?


I have a unique web app that needs chrome. Is there a way to minimize the xibo client or bring chrome to the front? I would like the xibo client to be playing at certain times of the day, but then minimize so that the chrome browser is front and center for other times of the day.


You could use a Windows Scheduled Task to kill off the XiboClient.exe at a certain time and run your Chrome browser, then do the reverse at a later time?

I could but was.looking to use the scheduler options in xibo so I didn’t have to change each pc task scheduler manually if I wanted to change the schedule.

Perhaps something else using the shell command to minimize xibo or bring chrome to forefront?

Was.going there was something build in… I know it’s a weird setup. Unfortunately the Web page doesn’t work well with the IE browser and getting them to change their Web app will be difficult as well

Well you could certainly use a shell command and standard Windows tools to kill off Xibo. The problem then is getting something else to start it running again.

Alternatively, this looks like it might do what you need:

You could have a layout with a Shell Command to run that to minimise/restore as required. I’ve not tested that software so I don’t know how well it works or if it’s safe etc.