Menu product transition in HTML based layout

We have HTML based layouts that have product list and respective product’s image that change in every 7 seconds. For e.g.: there is a list of 5 items in the menu and every 7 seconds the image of the product changes along with the pointer highlighting that specific product from the list. We have 5 screens running with such menus. All the 5 screens have different products displayed in the same fashion. As these are 5 independent devices running Xibo for Android app, the transition animation from one product to other is not in sync.

What can I do if I want all the 5 screens to transit from one product to other at the exact same moment? If I want to use these 5 screens as video wall, I will not have the video in each screen in sync. What are the best practices to create such layouts/carry out such marketing campaigns?

I may be wrong, but as far as I know, the only way to guarantee all screens are in sync is to run them from the same device as one large display. I’m not sure if there are any Android devices capable of this currently.