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I’m testing the menu boards feature and I’m wondering if there is a way to change the size of the text. The menu items are fall too small, in either landscape of portrait? There is plenty of colour and highlighting choices but canr seem to find size


Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback.

Currently there are no options to alter the text size in the development preview, however we hope to have that option (plus many others) included with the release of v4!

Will the Menu Board Feature released in v4? :slight_smile: I love it.
Feature Request:

  • Font size
  • more coloring options (for example: secondary color is not the color of the Lines)
  • Sorting of products
  • aditional Price infos (displayed under the price) (for example: Tall: 3,50€ )
  • another widget displaying the highlighted Products in a slider
  • edit html and css

thank you for the GREAT! Work :slight_smile:

Hi, yes it will be included in the v4 release.

v4 will be mainly addressing how content is added to Layouts and make it generally easier for users to customise widgets.

We are hoping to have an Alpha available for users to test soon so it would be great to hear your comments on what we have so far if you could? We will announce any releases via the community.

I will certainly pass on your kind comments and suggestions to the dev team :slight_smile:

Best Wishes

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