Media Dashboard

I just upgraded 1.7.9 to 1.8.2, and it’s great, especially for overlays and dynamic display groups.
I’m trying to use Media Dashbord, I have three questions:

  1. the stupid one: I can set “Media Dashboard” as the default page for a user, and it goes correctly in /dashboard/media, but I can’t find an Icon to go there afterwards.
  2. after upgrade, the users see the “Media Dashboard” empty. But if a user creates a new layout and adds media, it appears.
  3. there isn’t the MEDIA column shown here, it’s useless without it:
  1. The link to ‘Homepage’ that you’ve set will always be on the ‘Dashboard’ from the menu on the left (top left)

  2. Media dashboard should show everything to which users has access to, perhaps double check permissions and clear the cache as that sometimes needed after upgrade

  3. It should show the widget (image is a widget too) name in the Widget column, it does show that if you set the widget name in layout timeline, however it should default to the fileName in those cases (in media cases really ie image/video etc), as it is it seems to default to the Type there - I’ll look into this.

Ok. That was easy. However, if that’s not the default home for the user, there’s no icon to access it, is it right?


This is my media dashboard, all filenames are missing, even for new (after upgrade) media:

No, there is no button for that, you can only enter it manually in the url if it’s not set as a homepage ie go to
{CMS Address}/dashboard/media

I agree that it’s not showing it exactly as we want, I’ve created a bug report for it.

The ‘media’ name will be in the ‘Widget’ column if you specifically set it there
ie layout designer → edit region timeline → edit your image → Name
that field there will be empty, if you enter your widget name there then it will be in the widget column on the media dashboard.

However, obviously it’s not exactly what we want, as I mentioned I’ve created a bug for it and we will improve that dashboard view in the future releases.

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