Massive Bandwith usage on players using Twitter


Two of players is using a massive amount of bandwith lately. The only thing i can find which stands out from the other players in the Twitter app. I tried to clean the cache but it didnt make any difference, is there anything else i can try to troubleshoot this?

Using Windows players on 1.8.7, se image below.

There are some issues in 1.8.7 regarding Twitter and Tickers.

You might try applying the following patch you your CMS:

Might be a stupid question… but how do i apply this? I cant seem to find the files to edit.

Is this with a Docker-based install?

Yep, Docker on Windows

To apply the patch, connect to your CMS container (the container name may differ on your system)

docker exec -ti xibodocker_cms-web_1 bash

Once inside the container, run

cd /var/www/cms
curl -SL | 
patch -p1