Marquee Text Not Updating

The Setup:
-I am currently running a campaign with 3 layouts cycling through that only consist of some pictures and some text. I also have another layout that is an overlay layout with a clock, radar, and scrolling marquee text at the bottom of the display.
-These are running on Android DS devices.

The Issue:
-The issue I am having is when making small changes to the marquee text, (ex. changing “25 cents” to “50 cents”) they are not showing up.

Attempted (Failed) Solutions:
-On my scheduling calendar I have only two things. A campaign for the (3) simple layouts, and the overlay scheduled. As I have made changes and they didn’t appear, I deleted the scheduled overlay and rescheduled them. Thinking this might force an update. It did not work.
-I also went to my displays tab and on each one (I am currently running 3) I clicked “Collect Now” in hopes of it collecting the new data I changed.