Manual Installation

Hello, i remove the old installation for use the new version 1.8 in my domain but I have difficulty how to use
can I not change DocumentRoot or modify web server configuration parameters? how do you do it?

That depends on your server environment, what webserver are you using please?

Thanks for the answer I am not very practical but the previous installation was very simple, I asked domain administrators to change DocumetRoot but can not. Where do I find the requested information? webserver i think apache domain is linux.

If you can’t adjust the document root, then you could use an Alias or a symbolic link (assuming the server runs Linux) instead. Both options are covered in the Manual Peter linked you to.

Perhaps your server Admin could have a look at that page and decide which of those options they can accommodate.

Thanks, create alias or links should the domain manager do that? do I have to ask him to do it?

You would need to ask the server administrator which of those two options are viable, and then they will likely need to do that for you. It would probably be best to show them the documentation so they can understand what is required.

ok thanks, i do not understand why this change makes it difficult to install without the intervention of the domain manager. I use a low-cost domain that does not allow many server operations, although I use it for didactics.

The reason for the change is that only the “web” folder should be served. All the other library code, which is not designed to be directly executed, is then no longer somewhere where it can be directly accessed.

That means if there’s a security issue in a library that Xibo uses, you’re far less likely to be affected by it, and have your server compromised.

It’s part of the PHP standards for more secure application development.

We have consistently said that shared hosting platforms do not make a good home for Xibo. That isn’t “new” to this release.

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