Maintenance Script

I have setup the maintenance script as per the guide. The script does run, it just never stops, never reports any errors, and doesn’t actually seem to be working. My stats extend beyond 30 days and I do not receive emails about clients being off line.

I am Running Windows Server 2012 Standard 64 Bit. IIS8 and PHP 5.5.11

If you run it manually in a browser what do you see?

Chances are you have a massive backlog of statistics or log records and it’s simply munching it’s way through those until it hits whatever timeout your webserver is setup for.

Runing it manually will give a better idea of what it’s doing though.


I see this after a short period:

Email Alerts

Tidy Logs

Tidy Stats

Wake On LAN


Looks to be working that way. Logs are cleared as expected and what not.

Played around a bit and was able to get it to work. I needed to put the “-f c:\path\to\script secret” in the “Add Arguments optional:” section.