Mails from Xibo Server - strange field "From"

I’ve configured up sending notifications by email - everything works as it should. But the user receives an e-mail with the field “from” where the theme name is entered.

Of course, I can change the theme name by editing the theme_name parameter in the config.php file. I checked - the change works and in the field “from” in the mail is the new theme name I set. Is there no other way to change the entry in the mail in the “from” field? Can not you make the theme name and the “from” field independent?

That’s how it is currently set in code, the from: field in the email receives two parameters fromName (which currently is set to current themeName) and the sending email address set in CMS Settings.

We’ve logged an enhancement for it to make that setting configurable in CMS, with default value set to empty ie if not set, only the email address will appear in the from field.