Lower quality when displaying web-pages

I am new to Xibo, and I am trying to display some content using MathJax and I gather the only way to do it is to display it on a web-page and then import into Xibo.

We did just that, and almost everything works well, but I am seeing a difference in quality of the text rendered by the native web-page and by Xibo, with Xibo being the slightly lower quality.

Does anyone know what these differences are due to? I see slightlier thicker text (withing and outside the MathJax area) with less defined border on the display via Xibo.

I am using the latest server and the latest Windows Player.

I assume you’re using webpage widget with Open Natively option?
If so it should display that the same way IE does - have you tried that in IE itself?

Perhaps double check the Windows display settings the Change size of apps, text... that it is set to 100%

Yes, I am using the webpage widget with “Open Natively” option, and today I was able to do a bit of experimentation and we determined that indeed the come from the poor IE rendering. I was comparing it to the web-page displayed by Chrome.

I gather that the Windows player is written in C# and .Net and it is probably extremely difficult to change it to use Chrome instead of IE… but not so hard to change it to use Microsoft Edge – is that a possibility? In the near future?

Another solution to my problem is the coming Linux player. Is there a release date in sight?

Many thanks for your help.