Looking for opinions on DSCS9 reliability

Hello new friends! I’m new to the community and am just looking for some opinions on the general reliability of the DSCS9 hardware. I’m managing the signage at seven retail properties with around a dozen displays at each and am in the process of moving from a “homegrown” signage solution to Xibo. I’ve been using Intel NUCs and Lenovo ThinkCentre micro-PCs to run the displays but am considering the DSCS9 units going forward as they seem to be much more cost effective. I bought one a couple weeks ago and have had it running continually for the past 7 days with no issues. I’d love to hear some opinions from the community on them, especially those of you who are running them 24/7. Many Thanks! Joel

Hi WestboroGoose, welcome to the Xibo community! It’s great to hear that you’re trialling the DSCS9 and have not experienced any issues since you began your tests.

I’m a staff member at Xibo and use the DSCS9 every day for troubleshooting issues, as well as testing new signage. I have always found performance to be very good and have yet to find an issue with the device. I can understand asking what other members of the community think of performance and will also be interested to know how users have found the DSCS9’s performance, so I will also keep an eye on this post for feedback.

All the best and hope you are well.

Many Thanks.

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